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Baskets & Blankets founder Sarah Branson grew up in the atmosphere of good food and elegant event planning. She spent her formative years as a baker, working under a high-caliber chef, and, driven by a love for event-planning, followed a natural progression into professional catering services. Born with a passion for travel, Sarah fell in love with the unique pastime of picnics while traveling through the Provence region of France. She relished the French love of picnic and people-watching, and she found the local citizens deeply connected to nature and the earth. For years, Sarah has longed to reinvigorate the practice of picnic in the local Orlando setting, but it wasn’t until the upheaval of 2020 that she realized it was more necessary now than ever. The challenges of the pandemic have changed people’s habits and one of the silver linings is that people are finding ways to reconnect with nature and spend time with those within their bubble. To bring the beauty, splendors, and aesthetic accouterment to enhance these meetings, Sarah created a fusion of her loves for food, design, and nature to bring you Baskets and Blankets – a full-service, moveable feast full of romance, spontaneity, and beauty.


Bon Appétit!